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  1. Win a Hamper!

    WIN a Banquet Gift Hamper complete with four wines, a picnic basket and picnic blanket valued at $190!
  2. 5 Things Learnt Through Teamwork | Interhampers

    In any business large or small, teamwork is of utmost importance. The ability to get along, listen and collaborate through different gift hamper processes allows us to work like a large family.
  3. Creating an Internal and External Gift List | Interhampers

    Creating a gift list is one of the most important factors when giving gifts in bulk. We have some tips to help prevent mistakes, and making gift giving easier for you!
  4. Corporate Hamper Gift Guide | Interhampers

    Corporate gift giving can be hard to manage, but with thought, variety and bulk discounts, you'll be sure to find something to suit any clients, managers, and staff!
  5. 10 Ways to Make Your Work Week More Meaningful | Interhampers

    These techniques can be used at any time on any day to make your work week more efficient and productive.
  6. What Are Your Objectives For Gift Giving | Interhampers

    Why are you giving corporate gifts? To build brand loyalty, expressing appreciation and developing customer relations? Perhaps increasing employee satisfaction and build brand loyalty?
  7. 30 years of gift giving… | Interhampers

    Interhampers’ 30th year anniversary is a huge milestone, we pride ourselves on our outstanding and beautiful gift hampers and quality service.
  8. Celebrating Life’s Big Milestones | Interhampers

    Whether you have a low-key dinner, or just a simple gift to acknowledge the occasion, the receiver will be happy to share their special moment with you.
  9. Personalised Gift For Company And Company Branding

    At Interhampers, it’s important for us to ensure corporations can show clients and staff how much they’re appreciated for all their hard work and contribution throughout the year.
  10. How To Pretend You Like A Gift Like A Pro | Interhampers

    In our lifetime, we’ve all received gifts we don’t like, and sometimes it’s hard to show that we genuinely like it. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.