In our lifetime, we’ve all received gifts we don’t like, and sometimes it’s hard to show that we genuinely like it. If it’s an unexpected gift, it will be hard to show excitement, but here are some tips to react to a gift. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. The giver has spent time and effort (big or small) in choosing a gift for you, and you can’t blame a distant aunt/ cousin who barely knows you to purchase your favourite hoop rings.

1. Immediately say ‘thank you, how kind of you!’ or ‘Thank you for such a thoughtful gift.’ The person has kept you in mind in all their gift shopping and would have wracked their brains to think of a good gift for you! Think of how many people they’ll be needing to gift this season.

2. Ask questions about the gift such as ‘Where did you buy it from? What about the gift made you think of me? How do I use this gift?’

3. Smile and hug them – you can hide your real reaction in doing this!

4. If the giver sent you the gift -  PERFECT! They won’t see your reaction to the gift. However, remember you should still be courteous – send them a thank you card, and you can regift the gift to someone else who will truly appreciate it!

5. If you already have the gift – let the giver know! They’ll be able to provide you a receipt or even purchase something else in exchange from it!

Remember: no matter what you do, try not to make them feel embarrassed or bad for getting a gift you don’t like. Gift giving is all about the thought and generosity!

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